Importance of Quality in Technical Writing

People often respect good quality writing, if you deliver your work in a strong and error-free package, readers take you seriously, and your message comes clearly to your audience. Your words reach people’s hearts and minds. Your writing is more powerful than a sword. It inspires, educates, and sometimes entertains your audience. If your writing is weak, readers say, “So what happen next?” If your writing contains errors, readers may confuse or distract from the actual message.

Interesting, error-free, and quality writing is what people expect when they buy a book. As a technical writer, it becomes your responsibility to provide your audience exactly what they expect. Readers will recommend good quality book to their friends, give it as a gift to their loving one’s, and wait expectantly for your next publication. Reader-by-reader your world gets change. What a tremendous responsibility! What a wonderful benefit!

When you write something that you know, you write it with authority. People listen to you because you are one who knows. Your knowledge is a gift to share among people. If others have different opinion in the field, you are writing about, acknowledge the other side also. Your statement will come across more strongly if the reader knows you have addressed the arguments/questions they would raise.

Remember, once you write something, at least some of the readers are going to believe you. Nobody notices when it is done well, but everyone see your mistakes clearly. Mistakes distract even the most sympathetic reader. Try to use active voice as much as possible because active voice is stronger, and moves the action along. Usage of passive voice seems like you are trying to hide something from your audience. So go ahead, and provide the best quality writing to your readers.


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