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Benefits of Marriage Certificate

August 25, 2012

A marriage registration certificate is a document which depicts that you are legally married to someone. Marriage registrar office issue this certificate after receiving the marriage registration application form by the applicant. Marriage certificate provides social security, self confidence to the women, and it works as valuable evidence of marriage.

Obtaining a passport, changing your maiden name, getting a dependent visa, and opening a new joint bank account needs a marriage certificate. It also helps while claiming a fixed deposit or life insurance benefits when insurer or depositor dies without a nomination declaration. Some other benefits of a marriage certificate are given here. It helps in:

  1. Claiming a property to the surviving spouse in case of death of the partner.
  2. Solemnising the second marriage if first one goes for dissolution.
  3. For legal separation or divorce, marriage certificate need to be produced in court which helps to transfer the property and custody of children.
  4. Obtaining a work permit if one of the partner wants to work abroad and wants to take along  his/her spouse.
  5. Ensuring a minimum legal age for marriage.
  6. Stopping the practice of child marriage.

As per the supreme court’s directive all the marriages should be registered irrespective of the religion  and cast.


Applying for Marriage Certificate in India

August 25, 2012

Have you recently got married ? Then you probably be aware of a marriage certificate. After getting married, you need to get your marriage registered in the marriage registrar office that falls in your area. As per the marriage rules in India, the legal age for bride and bridegroom are 18 and 21 years respectively. You can apply for marriage registration free of cost within 1 months from the marriage date. Thereafter, a late fees of Rs 250 to Rs 300 is charged with the application form. Process to apply for the marriage certificate is given below:

  1. Complete the application form in all respect duly signed by Bride and Bridegroom.
  2. Fill two evidence’s basic details and get their sign on the application form.
  3. Affix one joint photograph on the application form and attach two photographs with it.
  4. Bride and bridegroom should sign in a way on the form so that half sign should appear on the photograph and half on the application form.
  5. Attach affidavit of bride, bridegroom and their parents which clearly indicate place and date of the marriage.
  6. Attach a marriage invitation card with the application form.
  7. Attach a copy of banquet hall rent receipt where wedding ceremony is solemnised.
  8. Attach 5 marriage photographs which clearly depict marriage of bride and bridegroom.
  9. Attach a certificate issued by the priest who solemnised the marriage.
  10. Attach copy of address proof of bride and bridegroom separately.
  11. Attach copy of age proof of bride and bridegroom separately.
  12. Submit the application form in marriage registrar office.

You will get the marriage certificate within 15-20 days from the application submission date. Keep getting updates from the marriage registrar office regarding your marriage certificate after submitting the application form.

Documents Required for Marriage Certificate

August 25, 2012

Are you planning to get your marriage registered but not aware with the documents required for the same ? Do not panic, you are not the only one who is facing such problem. Many people skip their marriage registration process due to unaware of the procedure for the same. They even does not have much information about the documents required to get the marriage registered. This article describes you about all the documents required for marriage registration process. Supporting documents that needs to be submitted along with the marriage registration application form are given below:

  1. 2 evidence detailed information along with their signature should be filled on the application form who have attended the marriage ceremony. These evidence can be relatives of bride or bridegroom.
  2. 6 affidavits (Bride, bridegroom and their parents) stating place and date of marriage. Residential address mentioned in affidavit should be same as appearing in the address proof submitted with the form.
  3. Bride and Bridegroom’s joint photographs one to affix on the application form and two to attach with it.
  4. One marriage invitation card.
  5. A copy of banquet hall or community centre’s rent receipt where marriage function is solemnised.
  6. 5 marriage photographs which clearly depicting marriage of bride and bridegroom are clearly visible. In these photos:
    a. Bride and the bridegroom exchanging garland.
    b. Bride and the bridegroom encircling the sacred fire.
    c. Bridegroom marking the bride’s forehead with vermilion.
    d. Bridegroom putting a wedding necklace around bride’s neck.
    e. Bride and Bridegroom appearing with their parents.
  7. A certificate from the priest is required who solemnised the marriage.
  8. Address proof of bride and bridegroom. Documents that can be used as address proof are:
    a. Ration Card
    b. Voter ID Card
    c. Passport
    d. Driving License
    e. BPL Card
  9. Age proof of bride and bridegroom. Documents that can be used as age proof are:
    a. Birth Certificate
    b. Matriculation Certificate
    c. Passport
    d. Medical certificate indicating age issued by a gazetted medical officer

Submit marriage registration application form along with these documents in marriage registrar office of your area. Marriage certificate is issued free of cost when applied within 30 days from the marriage date. Thereafter a penalty of Rs 250 to Rs 300 is charged. Marriage certificate is issued within maximum of 3 weeks after receiving the application form.