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Save Money and Get Tax Benefit

August 28, 2012

You have a good earning but still you are not able to save the money. Many people are facing such problems these days. If you are also going through such situation, then read this article carefully. I have asked few people who are running through such situation, why they are not able to save the money. People have different excuses; some says, due to increase in the price of fuel and daily households, they are not able to manage their budget. There is also a group of people who says, they have to maintain their lifestyle as per their growth.

However, saving is not so difficult as it looks. You have to make commitment to yourself, that you have to control your expenses and make some investment regularly. You need to create a budget for your monthly expenses. If you have a good track on your saving and expenses, you can manage in a better way. You can control your unnecessary expenses which helps you in saving. Buy only those things which you actually require. Avoid buying such things which you rarely use.

When you starts saving a small amount of money on a regular basis, after some time it will become your habit. In this way, you will have a good saving after some time. Initially, starting with a small amount, you can increase your saving amount later on. Saving regularly also helps you to get tax benefit on your taxable income. With regular investment, you will not get extra burden for your tax saving investment.

You can invest your money in tax saving investment schemes. In this way, you will get double tax benefit. First, you will get the tax benefit on the money that you invest and second, the amount that you will receive on maturity is completely tax free. Some double tax benefit investment schemes are PPF, EPF, and tax saving mutual funds. Each scheme have their own terms and conditions so please read carefully before investing.